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Greenmodeling provides non-residential clients with a comprehensive range of environmental services.  We can help you determine and implement the most cost-effective means of achieving your project goals, whether for retail, office, warehouse or other commercial sector.

Applies to: Businesses, Governments, Congregations, Schools, and Other Organizations

Also Applies to: Realtors, Builders, Contractors, Developers and Other Commercial Property Service Providers

Energy Audits

Utilizing infrared cameras, blower doors and other advanced diagnostic equipment, we determine how to improve and optimize your property’s energy efficiency and/or environmental sustainability. 

Energy Modeling

Computer simulations of energy efficiency and energy consumption utilizing complex algorithms that generate powerful recommendations with impressive cost savings and optimized design.  Often required for new construction, major retrofits and improvements utilizing government funds or programs.


Building Performance Improvements

Implement measures that improve and optimize your property’s energy efficiency and/or environmental sustainability (insulation, windows, cool roofs, etc).

Renovations and Retrofits

Don’t just remodel; greenmodel.  Let us help with your next renovation and we will incorporate our consulting and building performance improvement services into the project from the beginning.  Non-toxic, energy efficient, sustainable.


Harness the power of the sun with solar panels or collect rainwater for various purposes.  Hot water recirculation is another green technology we can install for our clients.

Indoor Air and Water Quality

Greenmodeling provides indoor air and water quality testing and improvement services.

Building Analysis and Consulting

Need help with a green or energy efficiency project?  Let us help you get it right the first time.

Green Building Certification

Greenmodeling offers design assistance and third-party certification for green building programs such as Energy Star and LEED.


We can provide specialized commercial services for builders, contractors, realtors and other companies providing commercial services.