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Energy Audit

This service is generally provided on existing homes.  For new construction, we can audit blueprints and plans, or provide original design services with sustainable principles and features integrated from the beginning.  Each client receives a thorough report with major-, moderate-, low- and no-cost recommendations.  This information enables our clients to make an informed decision about how to get the biggest bang for their buck.


While we focus on energy use, we also incorporate water, air quality and other relevant areas of focus.  This value-added service enables our clients to enjoy even more benefit from the services rendered.


Home Size (sq.ft.) Home Energy Audit Comprehensive Home Energy Audit
less than 2500 $250 $445
2500+ $300 $495


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*A regional fee may apply based on location.


During the energy audit, Greenmodeling will inspect and test your home with advanced diagnostic equipment in order to both qualitatively and quantitatively determine how you can most effectively lower your utility bills and improve comfort and indoor air quality, among other benefits.  Some examples of equipment we use where applicable and appropriate are: blower door, infrared (IR) thermometer or camera, carbon monoxide (CO) detector, water flow meter, manometer and temperature and relative humidity meter.


To determine the most appropriate energy audit level for your home, see the details below explaining the differences.


Home Energy Audit (~1 hr)

Areas covered:

  • thermal inspection with infrared (IR) technology
  • windows and doors
  • attic and crawlspace
  • insulation
  • HVAC
  • water conservation
  • carbon monoxide (CO) measurements

Report Customization: Partial

Discount on Follow-Up Work: 50% of audit cost on work exceeding $2000


Comprehensive Home Energy Audit (~2 hrs)

Includes everything in the Home Energy Audit plus:

  • air leakage measurements using blower door machine
  • pressure balance measurements
  • basic air quality measurements
  • basic water quality measurement

Report Customization: Full

Discount on Follow-Up Work: 50% of audit cost on work exceeding $2000